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Meet the future...
Charge - The Charger of the Future!

iCharge is a comprehensive solution for all the modern consumer's charging needs: it can power virtually any portable electronic, eliminating the need to worry about handling multiple chargers.


iCharge charges any phone in the world. If you can find a phone that cannot be charged by iCharge then it is not from this world.


In a world where technology is in constant evolution, iCharge keeps things simple by allowing people to make sure everything from their cell phone, digital cameras to their mp3 player is always fully charged & ready to go.


iCharge is universal.
It works with all electronic devices from cell phones, to mp3 players, to digital cameras.


It also works anywhere in the world-in both 110V and 220V outlets.


iCharge makes no discrimination. No matter what your brand iCharge can charge it. With iCharge all brands are the same.


 iCharge Key facts

iCharge can:

charge any cellular phone device or digital camera

charge and power any USB device

be used at home, work and in your car

charge more than one device at the same time

go anywhere-its portable & easy to carry in a pocket or purse...

plus it's perfect for when you accommodate guests and makes a great magic trick!

 Car Plug included


The iCharge can be plugged into any AC adaptor of any car model.